Heritage -------- A long time ago in a brewhouse far, far away there was a brewer that wanted to make a big beer. He found a recipe for a scotch ale that promised much and delivered more. The partial mash recipe called for pounds on pounds of 2-row and a grain bill that would look fairly normal to an all grain brewer by itself. That beer was to be called `Kilt Remover`_ and it would be remade many times. This is the continuation of that beer's legacy. New takes --------- The original beer was a partial mash recipe and every remake has been an all grain take on that recipe. This is no different, but will be a bit closer to the original. Many of the remakes overstated the cloying crystal malts. While those are important flavors, I think that they need to be understated in a beer the size of $Texas. One great thing about pausing for a few years and coming back to this beer is that I now have a much better equipment setup to handle production. Yeast starters were never a thing that were a priority before so I would just use multiple packages of yeast. The first beer actually did have a 1L starter and that probably contributed greatly to its success. This run through, I've got a nice 1L starter setup. Packaging --------- Big beers and carbonation always seem like a high stakes experiment that has too big a chance of going wrong. I'm thinking this run will be the one that finally prompts me to get a counter-pressure filler. It's been quite a while since I've sanitized two cases of bottles to package, but I'll look forward to it as a fun throwback. Recipe ------ .. raw:: html .. _Kilt Remover: https://flagonslayer.wordpress.com/recipes/kilt-remover-scotch-ale/